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Kony Updates Visualizer Development Platform to Version 7.0

By Casey Houser
March 18, 2016

Many mobile application developers may already make use of the Kony Visualizer, the cloud-based visual application design and development platform for the company’s Mobility Platform. Now those developers will find an updated version of the Visualizer, now at version 7.0, that includes a number of updates that seek to make development easier and more rich with features.

Visualizer tries to make the prototyping process smooth and allow designers and developers to mix their work and ideas with all levels of business. New features in version 7.0 begin with an update to prototyping that allows developers to directly import the Photoshop documents that come from their visual design counterparts. The software also works on all major operating systems, so no computing model is left in the cold. The development platform gives programmers the ability to work with visual techniques attached to code or either script directly in JavaScript.

Teams can choose to build all manner of applications for a range of devices. Kony specifically mentions the Apple Watch and Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform as notable examples, but those represent just the tip of the iceberg. Visualizer’s support for multiple channels gives developers an easy path to desktop, mobile, embedded, a wearable devices.

Once their collaborative designs are ready for presentation, development team leaders can then share prototypes and app designs with business managers, directors, and all stakeholders who have a say in the process. Any team member can annotate the shared documents to generate direct feedback for development teams.

The code inside Visualizer is also protected by its source code protection, code and control obfuscation, and cryptography techniques that keep users’ code safe from both static and runtime attacks. This way, no individual inside the development team or outside in the world of support has to worry about code finding its way into the wrong hands or becoming lost.

All the above features make their way into the free Starter edition of the software, which allows unlimited use to create as many prototypes as users see fit. Teams can then move to full production by purchasing the Enterprise edition that allows for apps’ to connect to users back-end services through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs).

APIs are quickly becoming a hot topic and the All About the API event happening  at Ceasers Palace in Las Vegas will bring together companies with APIs and developers and product managers looking to be where the next opportunity lies.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi

Contributing Writer

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