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6 Tools to Help Businesses Provide Customer Support within Their Apps

By Drew Hendricks
June 09, 2016

Businesses can connect with their customers in a variety of ways, thanks to modern technology. In addition to social media, email, and their websites, entrepreneurs have realized the value of apps in helping customers place orders, request services, or just have fun.

Even the simplest app can occasionally have issues. Whether those issues are that the customer doesn’t know how to use it or bugs need to be addresses, it’s important that an app’s users be able to get help while using the app, rather than having to call a toll-free number or send an email and wait for assistance. For that reason, in-app customer service has grown in popularity. Here are a few tools you can use to make sure your app includes the customer support it needs.


FreshDesk’s Mobihelp lets customers search a knowledgebase or ask for help from within an app. Each incoming ticket includes the device name, operating system, and the version of the app the customer is using. This gives representatives the context they need to provide assistance without having to ask customers a long list of questions. Mobihelp can also help app developers with their beta testing, gathering feedback from directly within the app while users are interacting with it.


As part of providing help desks to businesses, Desk.com’s Embedded Service puts customer service directly on a business’s website or app. Customers can ask questions and get immediate answers from a business’s support staff without ever leaving the app. Businesses use a provided SDK that attaches to their websites and apps, giving customers the option of either opening a new ticket or searching a knowledgebase to help themselves.


ZenDesk’s embeddable help feature comes in the form of a widget that gives developers the ability to add a help center, chat, or ticket request to any app, website, or standalone device. It flows seamlessly with the design of an app to let businesses maintain the overall look of the app even while support is being requested. Tickets include information on the device and app version as they come through the help desk to save time.

Loop by Benbria

Loop’s specialty is specialization. For restaurants, retailers, hotels, and human resources departments, Benbria’s help desk services can put customer service requests directly where they’re needed. Customers can connect with representatives during each part of the journey, whether they’re ordering food or booking hotel rooms, to enhance brand experience. In addition to asking for help, customers can also provide feedback and express concerns, which can then prompt businesses to take action. Benbria also offers a customer success management program that advises businesses on providing the best possible service.


Customers don’t just need help when they’re having problems. Zopim lets brands communicate directly with customers through live chat in their apps. A car dealership, for instance, may be browsing cars through their app on a weekend, at which point they can engage that customer in chat to offer assistance. Zopim also uses chat tags, which give representatives context on a chat to allow them to skip asking questions and go straight to offering assistance.

Nina Mobile from Nuance

When a customer is interacting with a business’s app, often it’s through a smartphone or tablet. Typing on smartphone screens can be difficult. Nuance puts voice recognition with Nina Mobile to work in a business’s app, letting customers do everything from paying to requesting help by merely tapping an icon and speaking the request.

App-based customer support can improve customer experience and ensure an app’s success. With the right tool in place, a company can provide the best possible support, increasing sales and ensuring repeat business.

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Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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