API of the Week: Scribe Software Powers Integration

By: Rich Tehrani    7/12/2016

One of the biggest challenges developers have to deal with relates to managing all the programming interfaces from various systems and solutions. Gett…

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API of the Week: BetterWorks Boosts Business Performance

By: Rich Tehrani    6/29/2016

As digital transformation continues to gain traction, companies are looking for a competitive edge only achievable by integrating leading edge softwar…

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API of the Week: GoGo, IBM and Weather Company Reduce Flight Turbulence

By: Rich Tehrani    6/24/2016

We are literally in what seems to be a golden age of API integration. No, APIs aren't new - but something magical seems to be happening in the space a…

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API of the Week: First Data Powers FinTech Apps with Ecosystem Benefits

By: Rich Tehrani    6/22/2016

Over the last 30 days, television news programs have been covering presidential campaigns like never before. Controversy about firearms, two tragic ev…

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API of the Week: Trulioo Provides Instant Identity Verification

By: Rich Tehrani    6/14/2016

Through a single API, our clients gain access to over 150 data sources within seconds. By comparing customer data inputs against information collected…

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API of the Week: Kaltura Cloud Platform Helps Build Video Solutions

By: Rich Tehrani    6/10/2016

Web video is a booming area of the Internet. Companies like Streamago and Musucal.ly are seeing hypergrowth rates after achieving viral critical mass.…

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API of the Week: Stitch Labs Adds Flexibility to Omnichannel Commerce

By: Rich Tehrani    5/25/2016

The customer for our API is midmarket retailers who need a customized solution to integrate their back-end operations. A typical customer uses multipl…

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API of the Week: Use Flowroute to Access the Multibillion Dollar Telecom API Space

By: Rich Tehrani    5/19/2016

It's no secret that innovation with telecom has been stifled due to the walls that have been built around telephony resources. Now, APIs are being use…

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API of the Week: Vidyo APIs Add Value All Around Us

By: Rich Tehrani    5/18/2016

If you want your company to have a tremendous valuation, make it an integral part of a platform which allows others to benefit financially from effect…

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API of the Week: SYSTRAN's Cloud Based Multilingual App Development

By: Rich Tehrani    4/20/2016

The ability for a company to sell its products and services worldwide hasCraig Stern Photo.jpgClick and drag to move never existed the form way it has…

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API of the Week: IntelePeer is UC Glue for Microsoft and Cisco

By: Rich Tehrani    4/15/2016

The big news from the company is they improve Microsoft Skype for Business solutions with certified organization-level call control features and addit…

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API of the Week: OpenMarket Powers Global SMS with Powerful API

By: Rich Tehrani    4/13/2016

SMS has quickly established itself as an import part of the application programming interface space - primarily because it allows companies to deploy …

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API of the Week: SmartBear Software Helps Teams Create Great Apps

By: Rich Tehrani    3/30/2016

Early this month, SmartBear Software released Ready! API TestServer, an automated API testing solution to allow developers to find bugs faster and spe…

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API of the Week: GupShup Powers Omni-channel Messaging

By: Rich Tehrani    3/23/2016

Gupshup is a smart messaging platform that offers advanced developer tools for messaging - handling over 4 billion messages per month. It enables deve…

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API of the Week: Perfecto Speeds Time to Market, Aids Cloud Testing

By: Rich Tehrani    3/14/2016

Recently, my company TMC launched a new and very exciting event called All About The API, the leading conference bringing together companies who offer…

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