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Quali Opens Up APIs to Python Developers

By David Delony
March 31, 2016

Quali, a DevOps automation provider, has announced that it is open sourcing the plugins, known as Shells to its platform to the developer community.

"We felt that as our customer base has grown, our customers could benefit from an open community for development, collaboration and sharing of Shells, which are the building-block components of a Sandbox," said Joan Wrabetz, CTO of Quali. "Making them available in an open language like Python and archiving the source in GitHub under an open source license enables our partners and users to accelerate their automation efforts."

The company’s Cloud Sandbox Platform allows developers to develop and test cloud application in an isolated environment before making wider deployments.

Quali is licensing its shell modules with the Apache 2.0 license as well as a set of new Python APIs and libraries. It’s also opened up a “Developer’s Center” website offering tutorials and advice on best practices as well as sample code and videos.

Python is already very popular with developers for its clean syntax and extensive libraries available. The Python standard library is by itself very complete, allowing developers to manipulate text, pull data from the Internet and interact with the operating system, among other things. The Python community boasts that the library is “batteries included.”

Python will make working with Quali much faster, as it’s an interpreted language. A common method of development with Python is to write modules of code and test them interactively in the Python interpreter, which is much faster than waiting for a program to compile in C. 

Because it’s high-level, small teams and even individual developers can create powerful applications quickly without wasting time tracking down the bugs common in C programs due to the language requiring users to manually manage memory.

IT teams and developers will have the advantage of a language that many of them are already familiar with coupled with the rapid application development features of Python to make automating sandbox environments much easier with Cloud Sandbox.

Quali’s customers seem pleased with the announcement, including TeraVM.

"We are excited about the creation of an open source community around Quali's product integrations,” Haruki Sonehara, senior product manager of TeraVM, said.  "Our customers use TeraVM in Quali's CloudShell Sandboxes as a tool for emulating and measuring application flows, and they will benefit from the availability of up to date drivers for TeraVM in Quali's community."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

Contributing Writer

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