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Nexmo & AppShark Offer SMS Overhaul for Salesforce

By Maurice Nagle
April 01, 2016

APIs have quickly become all the rage, from telecom and transportation to improving sales operations and beyond the effect of application programming interfaces are permeating development in a big way. Simply put, industries far and wide must take notice; it’s all about the API.

This week Nexmo announced a new partnership with AppShark to bring Nexmo’s SMS capabilities to Salesforce via AppShark’s Open SMS Pro. SMS open rates are through the roof, According to Nexmo in the first three minutes it’s 90 percent. And, because people never leave home without their smartphone it is great way for a firm to target an improved customer experiences.

"The pace of business today demands that companies are able to deliver critical communications as quickly as possible, and SMS has proven the most effective way to do that," noted Sassan Saedi, Head of Channels and Partnerships at Nexmo.

APIs allow for software implementation to take place faster, more agile and customized—making it a favored method. As a result of the AppShark / Nexmo partnership (and Nexmo’s APIs), Salesforce users gain access to Nexmo’s SMS solution via Salesforce. Open SMS Pro allows users to send bulk or individual messages, carry out SMS campaigns and due to the integration can chat with contacts and leads from Salesforce.

“The Salesforce ecosystem that AppShark serves is one of the most powerful communities in the enterprise world. Arming those businesses with a cloud communication platform that empowers them to access and engage their customers more effectively has been a wonderful opportunity for Nexmo, and we're excited to see the final product come to fruition."?

Nexmo touts a library of APIs for developers to play with, allowing innovative and means of communication. The ability to easily integrate into existing platforms and services unlock a world of opportunities, and this recent announcement highlights just that.

APIs are not new, but are finally garnering long overdue attention—like I said, it’s all about the API.

Edited by Stefania Viscusi
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