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Vidyo Announces Cooperation with Alliance for Open Media

By Casey Houser
June 09, 2016

Vidyo offers its business clients a number of cloud-based audio services that allow applications to connect business employees and their customers across the globe. Through its application programming interfaces (APIs), applications can sync with Vidyo servers to transmit audio and video such as human and machine-based communications, like that involved with the Internet of Things.

The Alliance for Open Media also has an interest in all types of communication that flows through the Internet. It was formed in 2015 out of the Joint Development Foundation to address the need for an open standard of video compression that businesses and consumers could use within their own projects. Vidyo announced this week that it will join the Alliance to help create the AOMedia Video codec, or AV1. Assistance from Vidyo on this project has the chance to give it even more life beyond what its list of contributors has already achieved.

Dr. Alec Eleftheriadis, the co-founder and a chief scientist at Vidyo, commented on the experience it hopes to bring to the project.

“Ever since the company’s founding in 2005, Vidyo has lead the development of standards-based video codecs,” Eleftheriadis said. “Starting with H.264 SVC, and continuing with H.265 (HEVC) and the open source VP9, we have committed considerable resources together with industry partners for the development of both the video codec as well as its corresponding RTP payload format, which governs transmission over the Internet.”

“The AV1 codec represents an exciting new development in the video industry,” he continued, “and we are looking forward to contributing our expertise to help continue to bring the highest-quality video communications to the market.”

Gabe Frost, the executive director of the Alliance, also commented on the issue, noting that the partnership here should have good results in both the integrity of the open codec and its adoption in the global market. Frost seemed to imply that Vidyo’s presence as an influential audio service provider could have a positive effect on his own organization’s efforts.

The partnership reflects “the importance of real-time video communications and collaboration engagement to achieve broad industry adoption,” Frost said.

This joining of forces underscores the importance of APIs in the audio and video markets. Vidyo offers its APIs to allow businesses to stream their data through cloud servers. They make it possible for any application to use only a few lines of code to transmit and manipulate data without forcing that application to do heavy lifting. It is that sort of shift in responsibility that will surely come through in many talks at the upcoming TMC conference, All About the API, an event which Vidyo has sponsored and will take full advantage.

Edited by Peter Bernstein

Contributing Writer

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