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Omron Healthcare Announces Release of Open API

By Frank Griffin
July 19, 2016

Demand for affordable healthcare solutions has led consumers to take better care of themselves by using home healthcare products. The recent Global Home Healthcare Market 2016-2020 from Research and Markets sees the segment growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.85 percent over the forecast period. One of the key vendors that was highlighted in the report was Omron Healthcare, which just announced an API that allows developers to collaborate and improve healthcare through digital applications.

Along with the release of the Omron Application Program Interface (API), the company has invited mobile app developers to fully participate in the open-source collaboration environment to make the company's initiatives for improving healthcare possible. Omron has created a platform in which developers will be able to connect and interact with its API using HTTPS-based request/response scenario-supported programming language and platforms.

Developers have access to the large database of Omron's extensive healthcare information, so they can integrate this data to create innovative applications to deliver new generation services for consumers.

This initiative is part of Omron's drive to reduce the rate of cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks and strokes. During the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show (CES), the company said, "Heart monitors must advance beyond tracking numbers to serve a greater heart health mission," as it announced its "Project Zero" Wrist and Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors and the new OMRON Connect App.

At that time, chief operating officer and president of Omron Healthcare, Ranndy Kellogg, said, "In addition to building on our heritage of accuracy, we are designing our new products to provide more insights, encourage behavioral change, and promote healthier lifestyle habits." 

The app works with a range of Omron Wireless Bluetooth Smart blood pressure monitors to email their readings to their health care professional anywhere, anytime.

Developers will be able to create applications for a range of Omron products, including BP761N, BP761CANN, BP786N, BP786CANN, BP653, BP654, HJ-327Tbulk, HJ-323U, HJ-342U, HJ-322U and HJ-720ITC.

The API will provide OAuth 2.0 protocol, Open ID Connect, secure communication between platforms, free access to Omron's staging and production environments and on-demand polling and pulling of data.

Kellog went on to say, "We know that in a digital age, achieving that mission means making technology for heart health more mobile, more connected and more responsive to consumer lifestyles than ever before. By opening our API, we invite developers to help change behaviors to promote heart health."

Developers can get more information by visiting OmronHealthcare.com/API.

Edited by Alicia Young

Contributing Writer

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