AstriCon Keynoter Matthiue Discusses 'The Asterisk of Things'

By: Paula Bernier    9/29/2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is large and growing. In fact, the IoT is expected to be bigger than the Industrial Revolution. But to meet its promise, …

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Digium CEO Talks About What's New with Asterisk 14

By: Paula Bernier    9/28/2016

Today Digium announced version 14 of Asterisk, a popular open source communications engine in use by many organizations today. CEO Danny Windham this …

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Where Should Organizations in the Middle East use DevOps?

By: Special Guest    9/22/2016

There lingers the misperception that DevOps is mostly for companies that sport ping-pong tables and have free sushi for lunch. Trendy Web giants out o…

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Why Continuous Delivery of Multilingual Content is Key to Your Global App's Success

By: Special Guest    9/21/2016

Distributing apps, products, and brand messaging around the world requires a continuous delivery pipeline that will not only disseminate that informat…

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AccuWeather Opens Up Weather APIs to Developers through Apigee Platform

By: Christopher Mohr    8/17/2016

Apigee recently announced that AccuWeather had selected its Apigee Edge API management software. This will allow AccuWeather to expose its weather for…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Goldman Sachs Gives Video Outfit Kaltura $50M in Pre-IPO Funding

By: Paula Bernier    8/15/2016

Kaltura has received $50 million in funding from Goldman Sachs' Private Capital Investing group in what the firms say is a ramp up to the open source …

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Appy Pie Adds Salesforce API in its App Builder

By: Michael Guta    8/11/2016

The growth of application program interface (APIs) is being driven by organizations that want to increase their customer base by making available the …

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Embed.ly Becomes the Latest Acquisition by Medium

By: Frank Griffin    8/5/2016

Content is still king, but without the right delivery and distribution platform, the only people reading a post may be the author's family and friends…

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Ytel and Zoho CRM Put Customers First with Partnership

By: Alicia Young    8/4/2016

Ytel, a cloud communications company, announced today that it is partnering with Zoho CRM, which is recognized as one of the leading CRMs on the marke…

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There Isn't One Container Platform to Rule Them All

By: Special Guest    8/1/2016

Not all container platforms are created equal, but that's perfectly OK. Think about any other technology sector out there - there are always multiple …

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APIs: The Building Blocks of Accelerated Application Development

By: Erik Linask    7/26/2016

One of the benefits of working with API platform vendors, like Nexmo, because they are enable businesses to create with these new communications build…

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The Four Hottest Developer Roles

By: Special Guest    7/22/2016

Businesses now realize the impact innovative online and mobile offerings have on their bottom line and are clamoring to onboard the developer talent t…

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Temasys Makes Big Announcement at All About The API

By: Alicia Young    7/21/2016

There's a lot of big news coming out of the All About The API event in Las Vegas this week. Yesterday, Temasys continued the trend of exciting news by…

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All About the API: Zang to Grow Communications PaaS Offerings

By: Rich Tehrani    7/21/2016

"The next level of innovation in the digital economy is driven by the ability to embed communications right into cloud-based applications," Davide sai…

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TIBCO Mashery Enterprise Delivers New API Value for Businesses

By: Steve Anderson    7/20/2016

More and more businesses are turning to application programming interfaces (APIs) to drive operations and help spur development of useful tools. Recen…

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Microsoft Releases REST API Guidelines, Says Documentation is Critical to Success

By: Erik Linask    7/20/2016

One of the big themes apparent from the first day of the All About the API conference this week is that, while there is little doubt APIs will dominat…

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Tomorrow's Leaders Are Setting the Table for Success with API Strategies

By: Erik Linask    7/20/2016

Much lip service has been given to the idea of business transformation, with new devices, applications and services creating previously unheard of pos…

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Microsoft Announces REST API Design Guidelines at All About The API Conference in Vegas

By: Rich Tehrani    7/19/2016

Gareth Smith, API Architect for Microsoft Graph, announced onstage at the All About the API Conference in Las Vegas today that the company just open-s…

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Zang: Zooming to All About the API

By: Maurice Nagle    7/19/2016

Communications development is coming at a fever pitch. With more heads in the cloud and more hands in the developer sand box, it is certainly a fun ti…

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Omron Healthcare Announces Release of Open API

By: Frank Griffin    7/19/2016

Demand for affordable healthcare solutions has led consumers to take better care of themselves by using home healthcare products. The recent Global Ho…

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