IBM's Juan Carlos Soto to Keynote All About the API Event

By: TMC    7/12/2016

Norwalk, CT - July 12, 2016-Juan Carlos Soto, Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Integration and API Economy with IBM, will deliver a keynote at All About t…

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When It Comes to Chat Bots, It's All About the API

By: Tracey E. Schelmetic    7/12/2016

Americans, like many other citizens of the world, are fixed to their mobile devices. As a result, they have taken to chat and text to a degree that's …

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Cisco CTO for APIs and Integrations Jose de Castro To Keynote All About the API Event

By: TMC    7/12/2016

Norwalk, CT - July 11, 2016--Jose de Castro, CTO for APIs and Integrations within Cisco's Collaboration Technology Group, will deliver a keynote at Al…

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Oracle to Share Detailed Views on Getting Ready for the API-centric Future

By: Peter Bernstein    7/11/2016

There is no disputing that the future of the real-time, aka, NOW Economy, is going to be not just software-centric for almost everything regarding how…

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'APIs Are Forever' - Twilio's Ben Stein Chats with DevsWorld

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/11/2016

The benefits of APIs are a continual topic in the tech world today. APIs not only make it easier and more affordable to access and use today's hottest…

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Opto 22: Linking Electric & Mechanical for Over 40 Years

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/7/2016

The thing about technology, data, software and machines, is they need to be able to play well together. They have to function alongside and with one a…

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Microsoft, Nexmo, Temasys, Agora.io, SmartBear, and Others To Lead Free Instructional All About the API Workshops

By: TMC    7/7/2016

Norwalk, CT - July 7, 2016--Developers will have their minds filled and creativity enhanced when they attend "All About The API" in Las Vegas Nevada f…

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Overcoming the Curse of Data Disorganization

By: Special Guest    7/7/2016

No one wants to make decisions based on incomplete data - but that's what can happen when information is scattered across on-premises and cloud locati…

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Akana's Goldsmith Cuts Through the API Blather

By: Paula Bernier    7/7/2016

Forrester Research calls the application programming interface the poster child of digital transformation. Indeed, everybody from Adidas to Campbell's…

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CEO Says Easy to Use, Useful APIs Equal Happy Customers

By: Maurice Nagle    7/6/2016

APIs are the Rosetta Stone of today's technological age, providing a key to link various software offerings together that adds value is invaluable. In…

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Ytel Talks All About the API

By: Stefania Viscusi    7/6/2016

Businesses depend on communications today to get their messaging across and to keep customers happy. Delivering effective solutions that meet today's …

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Oracle's Darko Vukovic and James Steadman to Keynote All About the API Conference

By: TMC    7/5/2016

During the session entitled "It's More than Just The API" Vokovic and Steadman will explore the factors that go into making an API program work well, …

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BetterWorks' new API Connects Data in the Workplace

By: Michael Guta    7/5/2016

One of the technologies driving the digital transformation taking place in enterprises is application programming interfaces (APIs). Unlike the tradit…

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React Mobile Releases Safety API

By: Casey Houser    6/30/2016

In its attempt to reach the consumer personal safety market, React previously released its React Sidekick, a wearable panic button that pairs with the…

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Wheelings & Dealings: Red Hat Picks Up API Management Company

By: Paula Bernier    6/29/2016

If you're interested in learning more about why Red Hat is acquiring 3scale, why Cisco is buying CloudLock, and how Twilio hit a valuation above $1 bi…

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Cisco to Buy API Outfit CloudLock

By: Paula Bernier    6/28/2016

The news of CloudLock's acquisition by Cisco follows by just a couple weeks CloudLock CyberLab's release of a study about the risks of connected third…

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What Is the Best Operating System for Coding in 2016?

By: Ellie Martin    6/27/2016

While it's not possible to pinpoint an exact personality type and technological preference for the "average" developer, the StackOverflow Developer Su…

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The Rise of Blockchain in the Age of Digital Automation

By: Laura Stotler    6/23/2016

Blockchain is gaining a prominent role in the world of banking and finance and stands to become even more widely used across the digital landscape. Mu…

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beroNet Joins Flowroute Partner Program

By: Casey Houser    6/22/2016

Interoperability testing between Flowroute and beroNet has already shown those two players what this partnership can become. Flowroute commented that …

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