Google Wins API Lawsuit Against Oracle

By: Paula Bernier    6/1/2016

What constitutes unfair copying? This question comes up again and again in debates related to a variety of industries, and the software space is no ex…

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Surviving the Communication's Virus

By: Special Guest    5/31/2016

A couple of years ago it was very easy to answer this question: just point to telecoms, specialized vendors and the network of their distributors. Now…

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3scale Releases API Gateway for Red Hat OpenShift

By: Casey Houser    5/27/2016

In this case, 3scale offers more than just its own survival. It helps other applications reach the outside world by managing their APIs from a central…

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Apigee Announces APIs that Allow EU Financial Industries to Comply with PSD2

By: Christopher Mohr    5/25/2016

San Jose, California-based Apigee Corporation facilitates the digitization of business through APIs for the retail, healthcare, telecom, financial, go…

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The EPA Has a Plan to Use APIs to Improve Data Aggregation Processes

By: Steve Anderson    5/23/2016

No matter what one's personal opinion of the EPA is, there's no denying that it's dealing with large quantities of data. That sheer flood of informati…

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Apigee Edge API Solution on AWS Sees a Flood of Interest

By: Paula Bernier    5/16/2016

As the importance and number of APIs grow, so does the need to build, ensure compliance for, and manage them. In addition to Apigee, Accenture, Akana,…

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Zocdoc Healthcare Search Partners with Epic EHR

By: Casey Houser    5/13/2016

Additionally, the combination of these two applications is expected to have the benefit of increasing rebooking rates and initial patient consultation…

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Microservices, Agility, DevOps: Three Keys for Mobile Success

By: Special Guest    5/11/2016

With tech-forward Millennials now comprising the bulk of the U.S. workforce-having surpassed generation X-we can only anticipate demands for evolving …

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Freshdesk Releases v2.0 of Its Call Center API

By: Casey Houser    5/9/2016

Freshdesk has also improved its security by phasing out HTTP in favor of HTTPS - to better keep customer data private. It will be rolling out these fe…

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Microsoft's Graph API Gives Developers the Gift of Ease

By: Susan J. Campbell    5/9/2016

Even with these innovations, there are still engineering problems that Microsoft faces as it aims to deliver all of its web APIs. The biggest problem,…

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Automotive Giant Ford Invests in Pivotal to Expedite Software Development

By: Paula Bernier    5/5/2016

Pivotal is a San Francisco-based company that sells tools that make it faster and easier to build software. Not only does this deal give the automotiv…

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3Scale's API Platform Gains Stormpath User Management Systems

By: Steve Anderson    5/4/2016

The application programming interface (API) represents a great way for applications to advance by providing a useful framework to help drive further d…

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Ytel Announces Commercial Release of message360 API

By: Casey Houser    5/4/2016

This launch comes not long before the opening of the 2016 All About the API conference that TMC will host this summer. At the expo, many vendors and s…

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Bank of America's Security Now a Marshmallow with New Fingerprint API

By: Steve Anderson    4/26/2016

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are cropping up all over, delivering value for users who put these to work in a variety of settings. Recentl…

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Nexmo Enables Airline to Communicate with Customers on Facebook Messenger

By: Rory Lidstone    4/26/2016

It has been pointed out recently that apps like Facebook Messenger are changing the way contact centers communicate with customers, which is unsurpris…

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App Revenue Beating Download Growth, Set to Double by 2020

By: Steve Anderson    4/25/2016

A Dilbert strip once sent Dilbert out on a date with a young lady, and had him note that, while it might seem like he was working a dead-end job, he w…

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Bring the Human Factors Into App Testing

By: Casey Houser    4/25/2016

The development of applications, both for mobile and desktop, must harness the best parts of its processes to result in success. Creation of ideas abo…

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Fonteva Introduces Developer Framework for Salesforce

By: Paula Bernier    4/20/2016

Fonteva Inc. has introduced a new development framework called Spark that's built natively on Salesforce.com. This framework helps large organizations…

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Osram Releases Lightify REST API

By: Casey Houser    4/19/2016

Although hardware may take center stage at that show, the new Lightify API should not remain unnoticed. Developers want control over their systems, an…

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iBasis to Sell A2P SMS Business to MessageBird

By: Casey Houser    4/15/2016

Those sorts of predictions highlight the possible path for MessageBird as it moves forward with its new global relationships. They could also add to i…

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