Developer Program Membership Up as APIs Proliferate

By: Rory Lidstone    4/15/2016

The Evans Data survey of over 670 developers was conducted in March. Other key points uncovered include that most developers are now in programs that …

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Facebook's New APIs Bring Customer Service to iOS Messenger App

By: Steve Anderson    4/11/2016

Facebook as a marketing tool is not only well-known, it's also gaining a lot of ground. Recently Facebook drove that point home as plans emerged for n…

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Drchrono Announces Four New Partners

By: Casey Houser    4/8/2016

Drchrono, a developer of electronic health record software, recently announced that it has aligned itself with four new partners that will use the Drc…

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Sionic Mobile Releases White Label Marketplace API for Partners

By: Rory Lidstone    4/7/2016

Sionic Mobile this week introduced a new white label version of its ION Digital Merchant Marketplace. An application programming interface (API) facil…

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Huge Growth for Mobile Bill Payment Means Big Growth for Regalii

By: Steve Anderson    4/5/2016

Paying bills is one of those things most of us would likely rather not do, but need to anyway to ensure the continued supply of power, heat, and other…

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What's Next in Gaming from NVIDIA

By: Paula Bernier    4/5/2016

NVIDIA is reportedly working on an API for its GameWorks game-related solutions, according to various articles. This news follows the company's recent…

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Microsoft Rebrands Project Oxford as Microsoft Cognitive Services

By: John Casaretto    4/5/2016

Microsoft Corporation has rebranded its machine learning tools portfolio to the name Microsoft Cognitive Services. The announcement was made last week…

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Dataiku Releases Data Science Studio Update

By: Casey Houser    4/4/2016

Dataiku, a developer of visual application development software, recently announced the release of Data Science Studio 3, an update to the DSS platfor…

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New Plug-in Leverages Powerful Image Recognition Technology from Google

By: Christopher Mohr    4/4/2016

Nuxeo announced recently that it had added a new integration with Google's Cloud Vision API. Known as the Nuxeo Vision plugin, the new integration lev…

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Microsoft Desktop App Converter Simplifies Development

By: Steve Anderson    4/4/2016

Microsoft has a long way to go to break the mobile stranglehold that Apple and Android have on the market already, but with the Desktop App Converter,…

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Nexmo & AppShark Offer SMS Overhaul for Salesforce

By: Maurice Nagle    4/1/2016

APIs have quickly become all the rage, from telecom and transportation to improving sales operations and beyond the effect of application programming …

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Microsoft's HoloLens Emulator to Boost Holographic Development

By: Steve Anderson    3/31/2016

It's got to be difficult to develop for a platform that you don't actually have access to. Like trying to develop games for the PlayStation 5, or new …

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Hilton and Uber Step Up Partner Efforts

By: Steve Anderson    3/31/2016

A section of economics deals with things called "complementary goods." Those things that are often bought alongside each other, and though have separa…

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Quali Opens Up APIs to Python Developers

By: David Delony    3/31/2016

Quali, a DevOps automation provider, has announced that it is open sourcing the plugins, known as Shells to its platform to the developer community.

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The Bancorp Calls in Apigee to Improve Business with API Platform

By: Steve Anderson    3/31/2016

The application programming interface (API) delivers a great many benefits for users. The Bancorp-a banking technology solutions provider that targets…

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Facebook Messenger Uses APIs to Attract Business Partners

By: Casey Houser    3/30/2016

Facebook Messenger is growing so rapidly that it recently reached a usage base of 800 million users per month. TMC's report on this issue revealed tha…

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All About The API Conference Program Announced

By: TMC    3/30/2016

TMC and Comunicano have announced that All About the API, the mid-summer conference focused on the API ecosystem and the businesses that surrounds it,…

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API of the Week: SmartBear Software Helps Teams Create Great Apps

By: Rich Tehrani    3/30/2016

Early this month, SmartBear Software released Ready! API TestServer, an automated API testing solution to allow developers to find bugs faster and spe…

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Telecom Carriers Face Major New Threat in OTT Service Providers

By: Steve Anderson    3/28/2016

Consider, for a moment, how you stream television shows. Do you turn first to a service like Xfinity, or do you favor one of the other providers like …

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5 Games You Can Build in 3 Hours or Less

By: Special Guest    3/28/2016

"I wish I'd developed that!" If you've ever played one of today's blockbuster games, whether Candy Crush, Minecraft or Halo, this thought may have cro…

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